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About Suzzess

Who We Are?

Suzzess Limited (Suzzess) has been entrusted with sensitive operations from Corporate Investigations, Protection of Intellectual Property Rights, Business Intelligence and Risk Management Solutions.

The founder has 20 years’ industry experience and incorporated Suzzess to serve decision makers with his expertise and experience of handling thousands of investigations on corporations and individuals.

Suzzess is a “boutique firm” based in Hong Kong, with the capability to offer high quality investigations in Hong Kong, Macau & China and through our strategic partners, throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Feedback from customers accredited Suzzess for its comprehensive reporting, business confidentiality, structured analysis, unbiased comments and recommendations – and its integrity.

We are 100% committed to our following key services

  • Compliance based Due Diligence

  • Assets Tracing

  • Fraud Investigations

  • Intellectual Property Investigations

  • Investigative Due Diligence

  • Location of individuals

  • Surveillance

yosh wong - corporate investigations


Managing Director

john cheung - legal advisor


Legal Advisor

ekraj rai - security consultant, macau


Macau Associate,
Security Consultant



in Their Fields

If you or your business is seeking investigation services, contact us today to arrange a free initial consultation with our consultant to assess the feasibility, as every case is different.

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Why Choose Us

suzzess - confidentiality and integrity

The staff of Suzzess are trained to handle cases respecting client confidentiality, regardless whether any non-disclosure agreements have been signed. Suzzess reassures clients that this confidentiality extends even after completion of an inquiry.

Suzzess teaches its staff to maintain a high level of professional and ethical conduct. In conducting investigations, our operatives and researchers will ensure that the best practices are followed and that any information will be obtained ethically and legally, adhering to local laws and by-laws.

suzzess - handled thousands of investigations on companies and individuals

The dedicated staffs of Suzzess have handled thousands of investigations on Companies and Individuals.

As a single point of contact, our work enables clients to mitigate risks, ensure compliance and to make well-informed investment decisions. Further, we assist corporations in preventing fraud and rectifying problems by conducting internal and external investigations and evidence gathering.

Suzzess sets itself apart from its competitors, by using investigative methodologies which are not only legal, but also collecting information and intelligence in an ethical manner, to ensure that clients can use the information gathered to support legal proceedings. All our staffs comply with local laws, by-laws of our membership organisations and are trained to respect client confidentiality and to meet the highest ethical standards.

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Suzzess is registered as a Hong Kong entity and through our local investigators based in Macau, key cities in China and Taiwan, we have the capabilities to cover the Greater China Region. Further, working in cooperation with our strong network of partners and associates, we regularly handle cross-border investigations and other inquiries in the Asia Pacific region.

suzzess - hong kong investigation

If you or your business is seeking investigation services, contact us today to arrange a free initial consultation with our consultant.

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