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The services of Suzzess can be summarized using one word, INTEGRITY.

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Pre-Employment Checks in Hong Kong

Our experienced team in Hong Kong will provide a pre-employment check , comprehensive employee and management (background) assessment services to ensure your organization will hire personnel with only the highest ethical standards, to understand every person you employ and to fully protect your organization against reputational damage and financial loss.

As employees are at the heart of every company, companies cannot afford to “blindly” recruit. As an employer there is a duty of care to safeguard the company assets and towards other staff members. Conducting proper background checks, often in the form of pre-employment checks, Suzzess Hong Kong gives you the evidence and confidence you need to make the right recruitment decisions.

Suzzess is in a position to conduct the following investigations as part of a pre-employment check:

  • Profiling: Obtain the employees’ personal background via desktop searches and proprietary databases. These records may include family information, place and date of birth, addresses, criminal records, work histories etc. This will provide a general picture to the employee's background.

  • Corporate associations: Conduct directorship checks on the employee, to determine any associated companies. Based on the identification of companies, provide corporate filings which reflect the legal structure, ownership and business license expiration of the Company. Is the employee an officer of a competitor? This search may be extended to immediate family members.

  • Civil and criminal litigation history: Confidential law enforcement checks with appropriate agencies and/or publicly available records, including databases where appropriate, to determine if the employee has been involved in any civil or criminal matters (either as a Plaintiff or Defendant). Have they ever had a judgment or fines levied?

  • Address verification: If required, conduct a site visit to the residential address of the employee to verify his/her residence and to ascertain the employees’ general living conditions.

  • Press Review: Search both native language and English press, including local business reports and professional journals, and mainstream media, to determine the employee’s reputation, any known controversy, major business activities and other social and business relationships of interests. Is the employee a known criminal or have controversial pasts or associations? Access intelligence reports where available, for previous investigations.

  • Governmental Affiliations: Searches online and with confidential sources and to determine whether the employee is affiliated to the Government, related to a political figure/family or known to be politically involved or attached to political associations.

  • Education and work background: Where possible, verify other information as provided by the client. Note that where a written authorization from the employee is not provided, verification will be conducted via desktop searches.

  • Informal interviews: Conduct inquiries with industry and other sources for reputational and integrity information.

The information provided to you through a pre-employment check is invaluable. It will help you fulfil your legal obligations, protect your business against employee fraud and reputational damage.

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suzzess - hong kong investigation

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