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Corporate and Personal Asset Tracing in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific Region

The services of Suzzess can be summarized using one word, INTEGRITY.

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Investigative Services

Your specific needs to support litigationCorporate and Personal Asset Tracing and Background Checks in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific Region

Suzzess works closely with local and international legal firms and other corporations, to conduct asset tracing in Hong Kong. We assist with inquiries from companies and individuals to support litigation, fraud, background checks, or matrimonial investigations.

How to determine if you need asset tracing services?

If you suspect the company/individual may have been hiding assets from you, please get in touch with us for an extensive asset tracing service, which covers:

  1. Assessment of the assets' status of companies and individuals prior to taking legal actions.

  2. To trace assets of Defendants to enforce a judgment.

  3. To determine whether assets are dissipated to support matrimonial proceedings and to support liquidation proceedings.

What is your asset tracing process for hidden corporate/personal assets?

Asset tracing can be overt or discreet, and our professional investigators will help you track and trace hidden assets through meticulous preparation and a rigorous preliminary investigation, ensuring the information collected is always based on valid facts. Our clients' regular retention is a testament to the strength of our ability to identify meaningful findings during the asset tracing process:

  1. Search local and international media and trade database in relation to the Subject, with a view to trace connections which may lead to assets;

  2. Institute full current and historical statutory searches to identify assets in support of any subsidiary or associated companies which may lead to assets;

  3. Conduct basic property and litigation searches on the Subject and his/her companies to determine any other names and connections, which may lead to assets;

  4. Visit under suitable guises various locations associated with the Subject and develop any information through static surveillance leading to assets held directly or indirectly;

  5. Conduct checks on global compliance databases to determine any footprints in companies and leads to property assets.


Is asset tracing necessary during the matrimonial investigation process in Hong Kong?

Yes, asset tracing is a crucial part of the matrimonial investigation process in Hong Kong. Since your prospective marriage partner could hide his/her assets before marriage to avoid high divorce settlement, matrimonial investigation can help you uncover hidden or disguised assets, as well as determine the value of assets owned by your spouse. This way, you can enter your marriage with all the facts and an understanding of what you are getting into, while also ensuring the martial assets can be fairly divided in the event of a divorce.

When should employers run a background check on employees to track their assets?

If your company has recently become a victim of fraud or asset theft, and if you suspect that your employees are committing a hidden form of fraud, it is important to take action as soon as possible. Running a background check on employees to track their assets can help you investigate the matter thoroughly, allowing you to track down both the missing funds and the people responsible

What other investigation and screening services do you offer in Hong Kong?

At Suzzess, we care about your integrity, and as such, we provide an array of customer-oriented service offeringsto protect your peace of mind in the event of any doubt or suspicion of malpractice. In addition to asset training, background checks, and matrimonial investigations, we conduct corporate investigations, due diligence checks, and pre-employment screening in Hong Kong. You can view our full range of service offerings here.

Contact us and facilitate your claims with facts, evidence, and concrete asset tracing

Where assets are identified, supporting documents in the form of public records will be provided to support litigation in the form of corporate filings for shareholdings and land registration records for properties.

To book your consultation for asset tracing services in Hong Kong, or any of our regional offices, please fill out an online enquiry form.

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suzzess - hong kong investigation

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